She annoyed me. Immensely. The way she smiled and attempted to be menacing, even though she knew I had had my share of opportunities to deal with boastful undead in my lifetime… As I was already stuck in this debate, there was no reason not to enjoy myself. This could be an interesting conversations after all. I smiled slyly and proceeded to make my move.

“Alright, Miss Van Winkle. Let’s suppose that a person is turned not by his own free will, but either out of necessity, or, as you have suggested, has been even turned without their consent or knowledge. Would you not think that that circumstance itself is likely to make them go mad? Or that someone who is cornered into taking the chance to become a vampire in order to avenge his family has not already gone mad, even if not by his own fault?” Truth be told, I was very curious about my interlocutor.

“And in which of those circumstances would you fall? What is your reason to be here. if not madness?”


”It rather depends. It ist indeed likely zhat one may vould be driven insane by zhe unknown. Vhether, it be zhe transformation or zhe feeling. However, zhis doesn’t mean zhat it goes for anyone. Zhere are ones zhat might vill be caught in zhe fear und vill go mad. but, zhey vill, eventually, get out of their madness. Oh? But isn’t zhat something vhat anyone vould do? Even a normal human being zhat didn’t had zhe change to become a vampire vould be eager to seek und vill try to avenge their family. In fact, aren’t human being just as capable to go mad like a vampire? Perhaps, you should zhink zhis more throughly, Sir Integra~ Also, you forget zhose vho choose zhe path of zhe vampire for zhe only survival zhat zhey haff at zhat very moment. Zhey had no other choose. Vould you still call zhis madness? ”

After replying towards the blonde’s sly move of questions. An ingenious smirk curled up on her lips once again. Oh, It seemed that this small discussion of madness have turned out in fierce word battle. Ah, how amusing! Why wouldn’t make it slightly more perplex for the blonde?

”You ask me in vich circumstances I vould fall und zhe reason vhy I am here? Oh.. zhat ist for you zhe question to find out.”


Ok, This probably too late to post. But I’m going to leave this message anyway. I  have been thinking this throughly for quite a while now. But, I’m going to put this blog sooner or later on hiatus. Yet, I still will continue some threads that I have because I rather feel bad for dropping them all instantly. I have my reasons for doing this. Therefore, I truly feel very uncomfortable on this blog the last past months. I have issue’s on here and I just feel like not posting anything at all due it. Whether, it be normal posts or rp posts. I also do not really feel fitting in here either and I feel like my blog became such a mess lately.
And with this it will be it.

                                                “—She is a { m e s s }

                                    of   contradictions  ;

                                                            E L E G A N T  yet  (W I L D)

                                     C L E V E R   yet

                                                  (I M P U L S I V E ) ”


The silence was truly dead because no sounds could reach Rip here, in the full darkness. No sounds of the outer world which existed outside the darkness - right now the very possibility of it was dim and unlikely.

For Alucard, nevertheless, the silence wasn’t dead at all. The darkness which was him after all, listened very attentively to Rip’s breath. He liked the sound of her heart - and that small whisper that has left her lips… It sounded like the one he wanted to hear and it became a part of dark symphony the demon was creating at the very moment. Symphony where the solo part was van Winkle’s.

"Don’t you cry, meine Nachtigall, for I will lick the tears of your cheeks if you do…" he indeed had a strong desire to do like that right now but Freuschuetz was too filled with terror to act in such way. And therefore he decided to moderate his desires… for now. 

The searchlight of moon’s ray got smaller as the breach in the darkness which gave this little amount of light got narrower. Within many centuries the demon has lost the pleasure of being the ultimate force. He felt  indifferent to all the opponents who were suicidal enough to challenge him and when he was neeeded he eliminated everything and everyone in front of him - and felt nothing. Just a slight annoyance of the person who was being disturbed with nonsence.

But now… right now he felt excitement. He felt the flush of Rip’s fear, he wanted to become a wolf - a monstrous creature that was the prototype of famous fairy-tale’s “The Red Riding Hood” wolf - and rattle this beautiful girl up to the moment when she would fall down exhausted with fear and that merciless chase, and…

lick her sweat and tears….and taste her skin… she is so beautiful, skin is so white… she tastes good - she has to taste good! 

A gasp from the thousands of chasp filled the air wind cold wind and Alucard had to banish that wonderful thought which filled him wist excitement and something very similar to lust.

"Why don’t you sing, Rip? Are you scared?" the tension in his voice made it deeper, almost hoarse. And yet he managed to get himself under control. For now. Everything was only for now… "Come to me"

White and strong arm was stretched from the darkness which came closer to the spot of the light in which stood the girl. This arm wasn’t anatomically correct to the very end - it had no shoulder and it wasn hard to tell whether the arm was left or right.

The valley of darkness became more and more terrific as the man hidden in the shadows spoke more about his desires. The sound of his words were so strong that it brought nothing more then a vigorous perception of agony. Both, the beast voice and the darkness itself was swallowing the small light that was reaching out on the top. The only light that was the source that resembled the sign of hope.

Was this the end? Is this where she will end? In the hands of the beast that she oh so feared? The beast who was telling her to come closer? Getting caught by this the strong white arm which was only coming closer and would pull her in the flames of the darkness?

 This shouldn’t be the end!
  Therefore, why should she fear?
   Why should she stand fearful in the spot light?
    In fact, why does she as a hunter fear?
     Fear should not exist in the heart of the hunter.

with those thoughts in mind. The Huntress swept her falling tears away and at that very moment her apprehensive expression twisted in an aggravate one. She wanted to face that fearful threat straight in the eyes and let the feeling of anger within her dominate the fear she bared towards him.

She moved the musket that she held behind her back before her. Gripping her hands tightly around it as she attempted to shot the outstretched white arm with the magic bullet that danced within in the darkness in a rondo, it was a beautiful sight of blue flashing lights through the darkness, and with magnificent and graceful motion it striked through the arm like a spear through it’s prey.

Blue hue’s scanned through the area. She tried to keep her guard up and tried to defend herself from the beast as she spoke in an angered tune.

”S-stay far away from me!”

             you have the guts to call { me }—-…


                    ʙᴇ    strong;

                                                   ѕαιтн my heart.            

                   ǀ        αм       { a }      

                                      [   s ᴏ ʟ ᴅ ɪ ᴇ ʀ;   ]

                                                           I  нανε  seen   worse

                           { sights }  than  τнιs.

Shoutout to iscariot-no-yumi and her fantastic Yumiko and Yumie Takagi. The mun is one of the kindest people in the fandom and a very talented writer who understands and loves her muses. That and her threads with wolfe-of-iscariot are amazing”

     Bravery is [ NOT] fearlessness.

           Bravery is knowing your fears,

                   and CHOOSING  to

     ———{ overcome }———  them.